What do we do?

In Across Legal we want to help you, protect you, provide advice, experience and be a defence for you and your team. We want to protect you even from yourselves.

Whether you are a company or a start-up, from the first problems in an investment round, through all the stages to international growth and M&A, we want to be with you as part of your team.

Venture Capital / Entrepreneurs

At Across Legal we have been working with entrepreneurs, business angels and Venture Capital funds for many years. We have helped many clients to take their first steps, but it is in the acquisition, sale or investment transactions of these companies and many others where we provide maximum value.

  • Company incorporation and shareholders’ agreement
  • Investment rounds
  • Contract management and due diligence
  • Compensation plans (stock options, phantom shares, etc)
  • International expansion
  • Intellectual and industrial property
  • M&A transactions

We stand out for our international experience. Many years of close and diligent collaboration with law firms in other jurisdictions has resulted in a thorough knowledge of what is required to carry out M&A and investment operations in Spain and other jurisdictions. Check here for the deals we have supported.

We want to be your companion on your journey from beginning to end. We want to continue helping our clients through all stages.

Corporate and Commercial

In Across Legal we represent companies of all sizes in all aspects related to corporate, commercial, labour and tax law. We strive to understand the business of our clients, to be able to accompany them in their day to day activities.

We support start-ups from their beginning, and accompany them throughout their period of growth and in their dealings with other SMBs and larger companies. In Across Legal we have experience in helping both family protocols and national or international joint ventures and other transactions. We advise on M&A operations, corporate reorganizations, as well as bankruptcy claims and tendering procedures.

We also offer, specialised tax advice and planning to both our corporate clients and their management team.

Urban Planning and Real Estate

In Across Legal we have a team of professionals with extensive experience giving advice in real estate and urban planning matters. We have professionals with a long history as external and internal advisors in construction and development companies.

We advise companies and individuals in all types of operations related to real estate, both in undeveloped land and in residential, commercial, tourist and holiday complexes.

Our main areas of work in the real estate and urban areas are:

  • Urban planning and procedural matters
  • Urban management (reclassification projects, urbanization)
  • Contracts for the execution of work, project management, as well as construction management.
  • Contracts for the sale and purchase of property together with rental agreements that include an option to purchase.
  • Legal audits in real estate for the transfer of companies with real estate assets, recovery procedures of assets of financial institutions, payment dates, refinancing of debts, etc.
  • Occupational Risk Prevention
  • Property, Condominium and leases Rights
IPR, Data & Privacy

At Across Legal we know that innovation is the most important aspect for our clients. Our team of experts in information technology, privacy and industrial and intellectual property law supports all the R+D and innovation activities of our clients, from idea to implementation.

We can help you with:

  • Technology licenses and transfer/commercialisation agreements.
  • Protection and defence of copyrights, software, know-how and domains.
  • Patent strategy and protecting inventions.
  • Advice on open source software, open data and open content.
  • E- commerce and online contracting.
  • Data protection audit and regulatory compliance, including GDPR.
  • Advice on the data processing and transfer.
  • Protection and exploitation of artistic and literary works.
Regulatory: PFPs, equitycrowdfunding, crowdlending, ICOs and STOs

The emergence of new forms of financing and raising capital has led us to expand our knowledge to areas of advice, management and client representation in proceedings before the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV). We also cover matters relating to participatory financing platforms (crowdfunding), and the issuance and public offering of negotiable securities (Initial Coin Offering or Security Token Offering).

We offer advice on:

  • Procedural, bankruptcy and resolution of conflicts in Courts and Courts of Arbitration and where possible, in out of court settlements.
  • National and international taxation. Planning and optimization of the fiscal strategy, tax incentive plans for investment, deductions for international double taxation or technological incentives, etc.
  • Blockchain and digital assets.
  • Issues of negotiable securities (ICOs and STOs)
  • Smart contracts.
  • Related legal texts (White papers, terms and conditions of operation, brochures, publicity of information to investors, or others).

In Across Legal we are clearly focused on the international market. Our professionals have a long history in advising companies and individuals in international operations.

Some of the services we offer our clients are:

  • Mergers and acquisitions. Joint ventures
  • Agency contracts, distribution and international sale of goods
  • Refinancing and corporate reorganizations
  • Incorporation of companies, subsidiaries and parent companies abroad
  • Advising foreigners on the acquisition of assets in Spain
  • Advising foreigners on inheritance and family
  • Matters
  • Proceedings that involve other jurisdictions

In Across Legal we offer our clients a comprehensive service in all legal and regulatory aspects of the sector. Across Legal professionals have a long and distinguished track record in financial matters.

Our main areas of activity are:

  • Syndicated bank financing
  • Structured financing
  • Debt Refinancing
  • Qualifications
  • Introduction to banking services
  • Regulatory matters related to the Bank of Spain
  • Introduction to financial derivatives (SWAP, Options, etc)
  • Acquisition and assignment of financial guarantees
Litigation Bankruptcy and liquidation

Across Legal offers advice in contentious matters in civil, criminal, administrative and commercial grounds. Our professionals have significant experience in resolving conflicts before courts and arbitrators, which allows us to offer a high value-added service in each case.

  • Claims related to corporate and commercial law, as well as conflicts between partners
  • Claims related to construction defects and real estate development
  • Debt recovery
  • Bankruptcy claims
  • Criminal Procedure especially focused on technology, economic and corporate crimes (white collar crimes)
  • Eviction claims and resolution of lease agreements
  • Claims against public administrations
  • Claims for breaches of contract
  • Claims related to boundary disputes and disputes between neighbours
  • Unfair competition
Tax law

As part of the comprehensive advice we offer at Across Legal, we offer a specialised, detailed and specific service in tax matters. Given the long experience and qualification of our professionals, the advice offered by Across Legal includes all fields of tax law.

  • Tax optimization planning for companies and its shareholders and management team.
  • Full advice and execution of proceedings of acquisition and sale of companies and family assets
  • Advice related to Corporate Income Tax
  • Advice on other related taxes: VAT, ITP/AJD, IRPF, ISD
  • Property transfers and settlement of the estate of the deceased
  • Tax planning (national and international)
  • Tax inspections and tax audits
  • Appeal Tax demands
Labour Law

Labour law is a central feature of business management. In Across Legal we get involved in our clients’ businesses and we know in depth the specific nature and needs for staffing of each company with which we work to offer a high-level service.

  • Social Security Law
  • Business personnel restructuring
  • Collective dismissal (extinctive or suspensive)
  • Collective bargaining and agreements
  • Occupational Risk Prevention
  • Work inspection
  • Labour procedure
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