Ivan Moll and Ignacio Lacasa lead the way in number of transactions advised in 2019

Expansión Ranking. Source: TTR.

Fiscal year 2019 data, reported until January 10, 2019.

The study and ranking carried out by the newspaper Expansión, based on Transactional Track Records*, recognised Ivan Moll and Ignacio Lacasa, Partners of our firm, the lawyers who advised the largest number of transactions during 2019.  With a total number of 33 transactions advised, Ivan is ranked in the 1st position, while Ignacio in the 6th, from among the 25 most active lawyers from all over Spain.

Ranking of transactions Expansión.

Every year the newspaper Expansión prepares a legal ranking classifying the lawyers who lead the most relevant transactions in Spain. The study distinguishes two types of classifications:

  1. Ranking of transactions by advised value.
  2. Ranking of transactions by advised volume (id est, number of transactions).

This classification considers a number of factors, both provided by the companies and extracted from TTR (Transactional Track Records).

Across Legal: #7 among the 10 most active firms

In addition, our firm has been recognized in position #7, among the 10 most active firms in terms of the number of transactions advised.

*Transactional Track Record (TTR) is a platform that provides information on announced, completed and cancelled transactions in all industries. TTR collects data from thousands of sources.

You can read the complete note here.

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