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Across Legal, specialists in Company Law

Across Legal has professionals with proven experience in providing legal advice to companies in all areas of law affecting them (commercial, civil, industrial and intellectual property, litigation, insolvency, etc…).


Our clients are the focus of our activity. Our intention is to be with our client to face the day to day challenges, especially in times of difficulty. We strive to maintain at all times a positive attitude and to provide our clients with assistance in decision making, conflict resolution and business development. The experience of our tem allows us to provide as overview and innovative approach to any situation with legal implications that could affect our clients. This means going beyond the mere understanding of the law. It is to understand our clients' needs now and in the long term, in order to succeed in their business.

In Across Legal we are committed to results and clients' growth. We value the entrepreneurial spirit, so we support and advise many start-ups. Through our presence on various Boards of Directors, we are able to bring new solutions to companies both new and well established, as well as family businesses. Our network of external partners is there to provide whatever is required by our clients to offer high quality advice and service.